It’s time to #BuildBackBetter.

Income inequality, collective mental trauma, weak elder care, online bullying, food insecurity, systemic racism. These problems, and many more, are exposed and amplified by the coronavirus pandemic. They are problems that aren’t simple to solve. But — the pandemic also illuminated a new breed of problem-solver. Let’s bring them all together in a first-of-its-kind digital experience.

Join us at the 2020 Future of Good Summit

2020 Future of Good Summit
November 25+26, 2020

A digital first experience you won’t want to miss.

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About Future of Good

Future of Good is Canada’s fastest-growing digital publication covering the social impact world.

We are the essential source of stories, analysis, and commentary that make sense of a world in transformation. Our content illuminates how technology, money, places, work, and inclusion are changing social impact post-pandemic — from social services to philanthropy, international development to social enterprise.

Every week, Future of Good members, who work in the nonprofit, CSR, social enterprise, philanthropic, academic, and public sectors read our content, connect on Slack, engage in exclusive live Q&As, and more.

The Future of Good Summit is our flagship experience to convene our members and impact-oriented people raising the bar and changing the game. 

The Summit equips people with a dose of insights to help you work smarter in an age of massive opportunity and rapid change. It's a mix of mind-blowing conversations, friendly peer learning, and hands-on workshops, with artistic performances and experiences woven in to give your capabilities a boost.

Join 1500+ members and impact-oriented leaders at the 2020 Future of Good Digital-first Summit.

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